MBA Careers: What it means to have success in the future


The American Global Consulting is the Swiss School of Management’s partner in its operations in the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region and Sudan.



According to a research done by the Association of MBAs, almost two thirds of the MBA graduates have found their dream role within six (6) months after completing their MBA. 


The results of this study revealed that many MBA graduates are ambitious. They said that they are motivated by their desire to improve their soft skills and self-improvement, over more difficult metrics such as promotions and pay increases. MBA students were found to be more focused in completing the degree to ensure that they were ready to take on the roles that they wanted. 


An MBA is great investment for an ambitious individual who wants to move up the career ladder and gain new experiences. 

It will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in todays competitive environment. In addition to being able to handle various managerial tasks, you will also gain capabilities to make effective decisions. One of the most important skills that you will be able to develop during your time in the program is communication. This is because all good leaders have the necessary skills to make their subordinates feel more confident and calm. 


Also through their networks, MBAs are able to build strong relationships with individuals with significant influence in their chosen field. These relationships can help them develop their confidence and improve their performance in their careers. 

From the Barcelona community, we extended our CONGRATULATIONS to all the MBA Graduates from our partner institutions! 

The Swiss School of Management Barcelona is proud to be part of the success of all our student from all corners of the world.