About Us

The Swiss School of Management Barcelona was founded and anchored on the principle of ‘precise excellence’, an echo of the Swiss standard set by our headquarters in Switzerland. Delicately creating a balance between academic life and applied experience, SSM Barcelona promotes the value of excellence that would create precise and measurable industry and community impact.

Located in the most dynamic city in Europe, SSM Barcelona provides an exclusive learning experience only this city can offer. With our campus located between the mountain and the sea with rich cultural heritage in between, we welcome our students to the Bright Barcelona!


The Swiss School of Management aims to provide students with quality education by providing innovative tools within a participative and inclusive learning environment. We provide leadership, mentorship and coaching programs ensuring professional and personal growth. The Swiss School of Management is a Swiss learning institution with international reach, embracing both physical and distance learning modalities. We prepare our students to become highly skilled and competent leaders in the global economy.


The Swiss School of Management is committed to providing excellence in international education. Through teaching methods based on the typical Swiss way of behavior, we encourage professionalism, quality thinking, and a business minded attitude. We strive to be distinguished by our innovative teaching style, quality programs and distinguished specializations which create transformational learning experiences. The Swiss School of Management is a place for those that seek knowledge, strive towards excellence, and want a better life for themselves and their fellow citizens.


Creating an intellectually rigorous learning environment and showing uncompromising dedication to those we serve.

Commiting to real knowledge, delivered by professors with real life experience.

Ensuring a climate that supports diversity of cultures, ideas, and insights.

Developing students’ ethical awareness.

Nurturing students to become inspirational and dynamic leaders.