Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

The Swiss School of Management’s DBA program is specifically designed to assist our students to achieve expertise in their field. The multiple collaborations developed by SSM contribute highly to the success of this program. The highly specialised research modules, the competent Research Directors and the exposure to industry practices solidifies the place in this degree in the echelons of both the academic world and the industry.


As the Academia knows no boarders, the structure and content of our Doctorate program is tailor fit to the needs of our modern day students. They can study wherever they maybe in the world and our flexible schedule ensured they will be able to finish the academic requirements even with work and personal life in the middle. Students can also register anytime they are ready and have a pause when needed and come back and continue their studies and research.


The modules and seminars required to pass this course are research oriented in preparation for the dissertation that students need to submit. This final work will be defended through a panel of experts following the protocol set by the SSM Academic Senate. The dissertation is expected to demonstrate independent empirical research which must reflect the candidate’s ability and capability to undertake a dependable and original empirical research with the highest academic standard.


DBA Structure 


The DBA program is for Four (4) semesters and carries 120 European Credits. The program of studies is aligned to international standards of Higher Education and fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonisation of higher education in Europe. It is consist of Five (5) Research Modules, Seminar Workshop series distributed within the 2 year program and One (1) Research Colloquium. Students are required to submit several academic output from each of these activities to measure  learning outcomes.

This degree program carries 120 ECTS including the final defended dissertation.

SSM’s Doctorate program is accredited by IACBE. 


Admission Requirements


  • Official Certified true copy of Masters Degree Diploma (or equivalent academic qualification: e.g. Level 7)
  • Official Certified true copy of Masters Degree Transcript of Records
  • Proof of past OR current work experience (Preferred but not required)
  • Expressed Research Interest and expected contribution to the industry (or community)
  • Oral Interview with one

Note that academic requirements alone is not a guarantee that the student will be accepted to the program. The oral interview and expressed research interest is a crucial criteria in determining the eligibility and preparedness of the student in undertaking a doctorate studies.

Under certain circumstances, students might be accepted to the doctorate program with BBA or BS degree (without a Masters Degree) provided they can provide verifiable documents that states the student has more than Ten (10) years of leadership position experience. Even with this, the student still has to demonstrate that s/he is ready to meet the demands of a rigorous academic study.

Program Fee

Application Fee               400€ due before the  Non refundable

Enrolment Fee                 10,000€ before the start of the program

1st Instalment                  10,000€ at the beginning of the second academic year

2nd Instalment                9,600€   Second half of the second academic year

Total Tuition Fee             30,000€

STUDY GRANT are available with a limited number per Academic Year and depending upon the desire, competency, dedication and economic standing of the student. A tedious interview will be conducted by an academic panel.

IMPORTANT: The fee includes access to our online library EBSCO, Similarity Report Checker TURNITIN. What is NOT included in the tuition fee is the graduation fee.

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